Abeir Haddad

President and Founder of Tryton Financial Corporation

Vancouver, BC

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Abeir Haddad

Abeir spent years developing his unique skill set before founding Tryton Capital Partners LP – a private equity group and investment management firm. Tryton Capital Partners LP is a private equity group focusing on investments in companies to which they can bring strategic value that goes beyond their capital investments. Each of the partners brings unique skills required to successfully assist management with formulating and executing a business strategy that surfaces the greatest value for their stakeholders. Their strengths and greatest value come from their extensive networks, along with their highly specialized knowledge of capital markets and recognized stock exchanges in the United States and Canada.

They have significant operational, strategic, financial, accounting, media, and legal expertise through decades of experience across different industries and transaction types, some of which include precious metals and base metals mining, precious metals royalty & streaming, artificial intelligence and drone technology, bio-technology, shipping, aviation, food manufacturing, blockchain and cryptocurrency, fintech, e-gaming, medical cannabis, and 5G telecommunications.

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